November 20, 2019

Home Business Service Rebates

Marshall Municipal Utilities offers a variety of rebate program options to help our business customers increase their energy efficiency. Some rebate programs are offered locally through MMU and some programs are offered in partnership with our wholesale power provider, Missouri River Energy Services (MRES). Our local Commercial Rebate Program is divided into two tracks:

Track I provides rebates for replacing inefficient lighting with new high efficieny lighting, high efficiency air conditioning, and heat pump rebates.

Track II offers additional incentives for both publicly owned facilities and non-profit corporations that serve the secular needs of Marshall Area residents. The intent of Track II is to lower the operating expenses on public facilities by financially supporting upgrades to energy efficient technologies. Call MMU at (507) 537-7005 for more information on Track II eligibility.

Our Commercial Rebate programs offered in partnership with MRES are marketed under the Bright Energy Solutions banner and offer incentives for nearly all types of business energy efficiency improvements.

Lighting Rebate
Heating and Cooling Rebate
Bright Energy Solutions Rebate
Pumps/Drives Rebate
Custom Rebate

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